ChoiceAmerica: A Unique Travel Insurance Product that Meets the Needs of Any International Traveler to the USA

VisitorsCoverage constantly strives to provide consumers with products that are in line with travelers current needs, and have successfully done so by introducing a unique travel medical insurance plan called.. Read More

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Trip Delay Vs. Trip Interruption Vs. Trip Cancellation Coverage

When preparing to embark on your dream vacation, it is important to keep in mind that unforeseen events and mishaps that could lead to financial burden can arise at any.. Read More

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Do You Need Travel Insurance to Enter the United States?

When it comes to visiting the U.S. from your home country, there are many things to keep in mind, with any potential risks you may encounter along the way being.. Read More

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Types of Evacuation Coverages

When it comes to planning a trip overseas, one major detail that many travelers overlook is the amount of potential risks that come with visiting a foreign land or exploring.. Read More

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How Group Travel Insurance Helps Tour Operators and Travel Consultants

As a tour operator or travel consultant planning leisure trips for groups of vacationers, there are many logistics to keep in mind and organizing such trips can be extremely complicated,.. Read More


Infographics: Limited Vs. Comprehensive Coverage Plans

Taking a trip outside of your home country can be a wonderful adventure, but as with every experience in life, there are always potential risks involved. In this situation, purchasing.. Read More

Stethoscope on american money, represents concepts of  "Financial Check Up", High Cost of "health care", High Cost of "Health Insurance" and more

Cost of Travel Insurance for U.S. Bound Travelers: Why so High?

Healthcare costs around the globe can vary a greatly depending on where you visit. Someone traveling outside of the US to a different country might experience different, namely less, health.. Read More


Infographics: Budget Airlines

Airfare is often one of the most important purchases you make when planning a major trip, and it’s also one of the most expensive. Major commercial airlines tend to jack.. Read More

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Travel Medical Insurance: The Reason Why Not Many People are Buying It

These days, there is insurance for absolutely everything: your life, your car, your home, your health, you name it. The underlying theme here is if there is a chance you.. Read More


Infographics: Backpacking Then and Now

When it comes to traveling, there are many different ways to enjoy a vacation and for those outdoorsy folks who are adventurers at heart, backpacking is among the most popular… Read More

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