Unpaid Bills

Unpaid Medical Bills Can Be A Disaster

Rising medical costs around the world are leaving many people  with medical bills they cannot pay, and unpaid medical bills spell disaster. Not only are unpaid medical bills a serious.. Read More

Travel Medical Insurance

What is Primary Vs. Secondary Travel Medical Insurance Policy?

You may have seen the terms ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ policy tossed around if you’ve been looking at insurance policy documents – including travel medical insurance – and you may have.. Read More

Urgent Care Vs Emergency Room

US Visitors: Should You Go to Urgent Care or The Emergency Room

A visit to the emergency room means receiving immediate medical attention, but many of the medical services previously dealt with only by emergency rooms are now handled by private facilities.. Read More

Senior Parents traveling

Top 10 Travel Tips for Seniors

Senior travelers are now traveling more than ever before. Most senior citizens in today’s world travel to almost any international destination. Accordingly, seniors should always take extra safety precautions when.. Read More

Cruise Travel Insurance

Taking a Cruise? Don’t Ignore Cruise Travel Insurance

The number of global passengers taking a cruise in 2013 is around 20.9 million, out of which 17.6 million departed from North America. For many travelers, a cruise is a.. Read More

travel insurance

Your Rights as a Travel Medical Insurance Policy Holder

As a traveler to a foreign land – whether on holiday, a study tour, or business trip – you are entitled to certain rights as a travel insurance policy holder… Read More

insurance claims denied

Top 5 Reasons Visitors Travel Insurance Claims Are Denied

When a travel insurance provider denies a claim, the insured traveler may feel a little resentful and angry. After all, the traveler purchased the insurance plan in good faith and.. Read More


Medical Insurance for Russian Olympics 2014

Insurance for International Visitors to Sochi Olympics Russia The 22nd Winter Olympic Games and the 11th Paralympic Games are taking place in Sochi, Russia from the 7th of February, 2014,.. Read More