LIBEREC JESTEDSKY HREBEN JESTED CZECH REPUBLIC 21st MAY 2014 - Group of rescuers practice of rescue operation and view of Bohemian landscape on the background Czech Republic

Types of Evacuation Coverages

When it comes to planning a trip overseas, one major detail that many travelers overlook is the amount of potential risks that come with visiting a foreign land or exploring.. Read More

Emergency Medical Evacuation

Sick at Sea: Why Medical Evacuation Coverage is Necessary for Cruise Trips?

No one thinks about having a medical emergency or getting sick at sea, but it happens more often than you might expect. Medical evacuations are highly risky procedures that involve.. Read More

Cruise Travel Insurance

Taking a Cruise? Don’t Ignore Cruise Travel Insurance

The number of global passengers taking a cruise in 2013 is around 20.9 million, out of which 17.6 million departed from North America. For many travelers, a cruise is a.. Read More

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