Infographics: Breathtaking Adventures and Their Dangers

Anyone who loves the outdoors has probably enjoyed their fair share of adventurous activities. Experienced adventurers may not think twice about another hike, mountain biking excursion, or scuba diving adventure,.. Read More


Infographics: Average Cost of Medical Services in the USA

For those who have never received medical care in the United States, the reality of US healthcare costs can be shocking, where serious treatments can cost up to a few.. Read More

things Not to Carry cover

Infographics: Things Not To Carry While Traveling

As many travelers may already know, tourists are easy targets for pickpockets. Unfamiliar with their surroundings and distracted by new sights, many tourists don’t even notice when cash, credit cards,.. Read More

Jet Lag

Infographics: Top Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

For most travelers, jet lag is inevitable. Getting accustomed to a new time zone sometimes half a day ahead of your own after hours on a long-haul flight is no.. Read More

Most common travel accidents

Infographics: Most Common Travel Accidents

Accidents can happen at any time – even while you’re traveling. Avoiding these common accidents is not guaranteed, but being aware and taking extra precautions while traveling can go a.. Read More

Money-saving Travel Tips

Infographics: Money-Saving Travel Tips

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. Wherever you are, there are plenty of ways to save money and still have a great travel experience. Airports, hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.. Read More

Travelers with diabetes coverpage

Infographics: Travel Tips for Travelers with Diabetes

Travelers with diabetes shouldn’t let their condition keep them from traveling. Taking a few extra steps in preparation for your trip and keeping track of your diabetes while traveling are.. Read More

Travel Insurance Myths vs. Truth cover

Infographics: Travel Insurance Myths Vs. Truth

Travel insurance: some say it’s necessary; others say you don’t need it. What’s truth and what’s myth when it comes to travel insurance? You may find certain travel insurance facts.. Read More

common travel mistake

Infographics: Most Common Mistakes Made by Travelers

Every traveler has probably made his or her share of travel mistakes, from booking too tight of connections to forgetting to renew their passport before traveling abroad. Unfortunately, you may.. Read More


Infographics: Tips for Travelers With Pets

Bringing your pets along on your next trip? Traveling by plane or car can be stressful for animals, especially if they’re not used to it. Whatever your method of travel,.. Read More

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