Infographics: Limited Vs. Comprehensive Coverage Plans

Taking a trip outside of your home country can be a wonderful adventure, but as with every experience in life, there are always potential risks involved and in this situation purchasing a travel medical insurance policy that will help protect you from the unknown is the safest way to go. When it comes to shopping for plans however, one of the most confusing aspects is which type of plan to select: limited or comprehensive? Well, that’s completely up to the buyer but something to take not of is: you get what you pay for. The price of limited plans tend to be very appealing, as they are much lower than that of comprehensive plans, but that’s simply because they don’t provide nearly as much coverage in situations in which medical attention is needed and you often end up paying the majority of the bills out of your own pocket. Below is an illustrated example further highlighting the key differences between limited and comprehensive coverage plans.

Limited Vs. Comprehensive Coverage Plans

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