Travel insurance with passport and money

Travel Insurance – There is nothing called “Full Coverage” plan

If you are looking for Travel Insurance for USA that covers EVERYTHING , then let me tell you, no such plan exists anywhere in the world. There is nothing called.. Read More


Do You Really Need Vision And Dental Insurance For Short-Term Visitors to USA?

Travel Insurance for USA are short-term health insurance plans that usually have little or no coverage for dental or vision care. The question is do visitors really need more expensive.. Read More


Benefit Period: A Savior, If Your Travel Medical Insurance Policy Expires or Is Not Renewable

Benefit period, is the specific amount of time for which the benefits are paid for covered services and treatments. The benefit period varies from plan to plan; It can be.. Read More


Why are Travel Insurance Plans Less Known in Hospitals

When I called the Hospital, they didn’t recognize the Travel Insurance! One of the major concerns and confusions about travel insurance plans involve the recognition of the plan names. Sometimes,.. Read More

Direct Billing

Travel Medical Insurance – Direct Billing Or Cash Payment Upfront

Do we have to pay upfront and then get reimbursed, or will insurance company pay directly to the provider? This question is very frequently asked by our customers. Is Cashless.. Read More

Travel Insurance: Unreasonable expectations

Do People Have Unreasonable Expectations From Travel Insurance Policy?

People who purchase travel insurance policy often expect these short-term plans to work exactly the same way as their domestic plans provided by their employers. However, since these policies are.. Read More

Health Insurance Policy

Can Layoffs Affect Your Health Insurance?

We all are worried about the recent direction the U.S. economy has taken. Now not only do you have to worry about your job security but also the cost of.. Read More


Visitor Insurance Interactive Guide – A Video Presentation

Here is a useful resource for you to understand the fundamentals of Visitor and Travel Medical Insurance. This Video presentation can be great tool to learn about travel insurance and.. Read More

Travel Insurance Tips

Travel Insurance Tips – Don’t Wait Until the Last Moment

Many travelers make this mistake when they’re planning their business and leisure trips – they wait until the last minute to buy their travel insurance. After all, buying insurance takes.. Read More

Travel Insurance for Seniors

Travel Medical Insurance for People Age 70 Years or Over?

What is the Best Coverage for People Over the Age of 70 or 80 Years? If you are over age 70, it’s important to carefully research your travel health insurance.. Read More

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