Malaysia Flag Waving On The Wind

Countries Requiring Their Citizens Buy Travel Insurance: Malaysia

While the government websites of every developed country recommend that their citizens obtain travel insurance prior to leaving the country, some countries are taking it one step further. In particular,.. Read More

things Not to Carry cover

Infographics: Things Not To Carry While Traveling

As many travelers may already know, tourists are easy targets for pickpockets. Unfamiliar with their surroundings and distracted by new sights, many tourists don’t even notice when cash, credit cards,.. Read More

DUBAI, UAE - MARCH 30: Camel ride on the beach at Dubai Marina o

Travel Health Insurance: Mandatory for Travelers to Dubai

Dubai’s health services are internationally recognized to be of high standard when compared to other developed countries and hospitals. Dubai boasts modern facilities, which are strategically located for greater accessibility… Read More

Moscow Saint Basil Cathedral

Applying for a Russian Visa? Travel Insurance for Russia May be Mandatory

Everyone who visits Russia needs a visa and it’s likely to be the single most painful issue a traveler has when trying to organize a trip to Russia. Travelers are.. Read More

happy family holding boarding pass and passport at airport

Mandatory Travel Insurance a Growing Trend for Foreign Tourists

Many countries around the world have begun to implement changes to prevent foreign tourists from taking advantage of their health care systems. Specifically, when an uninsured foreign tourist gets into.. Read More


Travel Insurance – Even More Important for Business Travelers Than Other Travelers

Travel medical insurance benefits anyone traveling outside their home country, but it may be the most beneficial to business travelers. People traveling for business are as much at risk of.. Read More


Missed the ObamaCare Deadline? Protect Yourself with Short Term Health Insurance

If you missed the enrollment period for ObamaCare, which is usually November 15 to February 15, you may still be able to enroll for health insurance if you qualify for.. Read More

obamacare tax

ObamaCare Tax Penalty Explained

Under the Affordable Care Act, all US citizens, permanent residents (green card holders), and those with “resident alien” status are required to have health insurance with minimum essential coverage. Those who.. Read More

Senior couple in snow

10 Invaluable Tips for Staying Healthy During Winter Travel to the US

During the winter months, certain regions of the US are affected by severe weather conditions, bringing a blizzard of health concerns that travelers should be aware of. The severe weather.. Read More

Most common travel accidents

Infographics: Most Common Travel Accidents

Accidents can happen at any time – even while you’re traveling. Avoiding these common accidents is not guaranteed, but being aware and taking extra precautions while traveling can go a.. Read More

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