Travel Health Insurance: Myths and Misconceptions

Travel Health Insurance: Myths and Misconceptions

This article describes some known myths and misconceptions about travel health insurance that we hear quite often.

Visitor is Healthy So There is No Need for Travel Health Insurance.

About 6 months ago, VisitorsCoverage received a call from a local customer, who was inquiring about an insurance quote for his visiting parents from India, and said he needed insurance just for his mother and not for his father.

Out of curiosity the agent asked “why not for father?”

He replied, “My father is an ex-military person and in good shape, so I don’t think I need health insurance for him.”
Travel Insurance Myths vs. Truth

After a few weeks, we got a call from the same person who sounded nervous, and was seeking advice. He asked if he could get an insurance policy for his father now, as his father got admitted to the hospital the previous night due to an internal head injury. He unfortunately had fallen down from his apartment’s second floor stairs. His father was admitted to the hospital and the total bill was around $76,000.

It was too late; no insurance was going to cover this existing problem for him. Anyways, we worked with him to negotiate with the hospital and got a discount and a flexible payment arrangement, though he still ended up paying a huge amount.

This is not the only incident which we have come across, there are many similar cases, but we wanted to bring this up as a perfect and simple example of how risky such wrong decision can be.

It is certainly a wrong perception that travel insurance is not needed for people who are physically fit on a given day, or have no health problems so far. Risk can come from anywhere. If you are in a country like the USA, where the health care cost is extremely high, it can be financially and emotionally devastating.

Travel Insurance Companies Will Deny All Claims by Saying It Is A Pre-Existing Condition.

“Visitor insurance is not worth it since insurance companies deny all claims by categorizing them as pre-existing conditions.” This is exactly what we hear, very often. Internet forums are infested with such questions and topics.

Interestingly many people don’t say this out of their own experiences, but what they say is, “I heard it from a friend” or “I read it on an internet chat forum

I think these so-called “friends and chat forums” have played a major role in spreading such negative rumors and misconceptions.

“Visitors Insurance companies will deny all claims by saying it is a pre-existing condition” is not a true statement.

It may be true instead to say, “the majority of claims that are denied are due to pre-existing conditions.”

And that’s the fact: visitor health insurance and many travel health insurance plans do not cover pre-existing conditions. Many buyers are unaware about this, they just buy the insurance by looking only at the policy maximum amount assuming everything is covered. A claim denial for services given for an existing condition comes as a big shock.

So, naturally, a question arises – “why pre-existing conditions are not covered, despite paying a high premium for insurance?”

This is a topic by itself. In order to get to the root of it; we have to go into the details of this monster known as “pre-existing conditions.” To learn more about this topic in detail, refer to the FAQs – Travel insurance for pre-existing conditions and visitor insurance pre-existing conditions. If you have any additional questions about travel insurance, email us at

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